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Hi guys!

This is a video of the Wireless Festival 2014 (4th of july) filmed with my GoPro Hero 3 (first time that I used it properly lol).

Follow me during the day, chilling, drinking, screaming and dancing on Tinie Tempah, Pharell Williams, Kanye West and many more!

I hope you will enjoy this video as I enjoyed making it!


Hey guys

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jordan-lemarc a demandé - "Salut vous êtes français ?"

Oui je suis français :)

Hi guys!

This is a video of my trip in Beijing, China, from the 13th to the 22nd of september 2013.

Follow me during them 9 days visiting the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China (to name only the most know spots) and more, chilling with William (one of my best friends currently living in Beijing) and his friends, hanging out at karaokes and restaurants, etc.

Enough writing, I’m just happy to share this to you! I hope you gonna like it. ENJOY!